As a staff photographer for the Mount Vernon News, I'd spend a week trekking up and down the Knox County Fairgrounds in Mount Vernon, Ohio, up and down the hills. 
I was required to photograph a wide range of activities, including major animal exhibits, flower and plant shows, entertainment, and everything in between.
It was typically hot, and when it wasn't above 90 degrees, it rained, and it was steamy after the rain. Rinse and repeat as needed. The parking lot would frequently become a muddy mess as a result. 

When it came to cameras and lenses, filth and dust were never much joy to work with. To minimize dirt getting into the sensor, I would not change lenses for weeks at a time after Fair week.

Each day meant getting to the newsroom early, heading out to the fairgrounds, and returning before midnight, getting stories and photos ready for the morning deadline.

This is the first year I won't be hauling my stuff around in the mud up to my ankles.  I'm sure there will be photographers present, and they'll capture some fantastic photos. I'm excited to see them.
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